Second Starbucks Opens In Costa Rica

Costa Rican Coffee BeansWhile I don’t think Starbucks is inherently evil, there’s something just not right about the Seattle-based chain spreading and gaining popularity in Costa Rica.

Neither my wallet nor my waistline have much use for Starbucks. And I brew a pretty decent cup of organic, fair-trade Costa Rican grown dark roast at home.

The new store opened in the new Lincoln Plaza Mall in Moravia. It will face competition from several other coffee shops and similarly themed restaurants in the same mall, including Ily Gourmet, Kafe Haus, and Spoon.

Costa Rican Coffee PlantThe first Starbucks in Costa Rica opened in June 2012 in Avenida Escazu. It’s not clear how many more storefronts the chain plans to open here. This is the 565th store the chain operates in Latin America. Although, that’s not such an impressive number, considering they operate nearly 20,000 storefronts worldwide.

On the upside, Starbucks has traditionally and historically been a large buyer of Costa Rican coffee, and some of their offerings are distinctly local.

For fans of Starbucks in Costa Rica, you can connect to their Facebook page here.


3 thoughts on “Second Starbucks Opens In Costa Rica

  1. i figured I would resist the Starbucks temptation, even when they opened right next door. But have had several work meetings there in the past month. I do love me some Starbucks when I am traveling, but the coffee I make at home is still the best!

  2. Maybe a useful tip: In the new Plaza Tempo, on other side of CIMA Hospital from Avenida Escazú and its Starbucks, is a little locally owned coffee shop called Beso Espresso. Among other things it buys green coffee beans from smaller farms, roasts them in-house, then brews them up in a variety of ways… espresso, chemex drip, French press, etc.

    Lacks the space and comforts of Starbucks, but the coffee is excellent and a chance to learn about local producers. Also sells the beans to go, whole or ground, green or roasted. The barista Josu is a knowledgeable guy willing to make recommendations.

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