Costa Rica Restaurant Guide

Costa Rica Eats Presents Selections From Its Costa Rica Restaurant Guide.

Hi folks. Here you’ll find some my top choices from the upcoming Costa Rica Eats eBook.

This is just a beginning, and I plan to add more destination sections as time permits.

Ratings are from 1 to 5 checks (since I can’t figure out how to put in stars or forks):

√  means a restaurant is acceptable.

√√  means a restaurant is good.

√√√  means a restaurant is very good.

√√√√  means a restaurant is excellent.

√√√√√  means a restaurant is exceptional.


Price range is from 1 to 5 dollar signs.

$  means the average price of a meal is under $5.

$$  means the average price of a meal is $5-$10.

$$$  means the average price of a meal is $10-$20.

$$$$  means the average price of a meal is $20-$30.

$$$$$  means the average price of a meal is over $30.


These price averages are per person and include the 13% sales tax and the obligatory 10% service charges, but do not include any additional gratuities, or alcoholic beverages.

A “heart” symbol (♥) is awarded throughout to restaurants that either have a particularly inviting or interesting ambiance, or stand out from their peers for service or quality within their particular category.

A note about tipping: Since a 10% service charge is included in every bill, tipping is generally not customary among Costa Ricans. However, one way to reverse the generally poor level of service and attention is to reward good service. I always try to tip an additional 5%-15% on service I feel warrants it. The amount often depends on how much I feel it warrants it.

The first ones up are Monteverde and Manuel Antonio, one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations, and a place chock full of great restaurant and dining options.

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