The Best Grilled Cheese Ever: No Costa Rica Content

OK, I know, there’s no Costa Rica content here. But the chef is named Eric Greenspan (no relation, but close enough). And, I sure would like to eat one of these, here in Tiquicia.

This grilled cheese is decadent. Nah, it’s way beyond decadent. And in fact, I think the amount of butter is just over the top. And, I worry about cousin Eric’s health.

That said, there’s some damn good ideas here, and the video is pretty fun to watch.

I get the funny feeling this video would go over well in Colorado and Washington states these days…

So, what ingredients do you use here in Costa Rica to make a great grilled cheese? What bread? What cheese? What additional ingredients.

There’s a lot of great possibilities and, with Eric’s ideas in mind, I might just come up with something pretty good…