Carl’s Jr. In Costa Rica

Carl's Jr. In Costa RicaOK, I just learned that Carl’s Jr., the U.S.-based fast food burger chain already has 6 restaurants in Costa Rica.

That’s right, they have six already and plan to open five more in 2013. Dios mio.


The Costa Rican expansion is part of a global push that has seen Carl’s Jr. outlets pop up everywhere from Brazil to New Zealand, and from Vietnam to Turkey.

I admit it, I’ve never eaten at a Carl’s Jr., either here or in the United States. Although I have found their sexy car washing ads clever and smart from a PR point of view.

Read the Tico Times article on this phenomenon here.

So what’s the deal, and what’s your verdict? Has anyone tried one yet? How does it stack up?

One thought on “Carl’s Jr. In Costa Rica

  1. Where I’m from we called it Hardee’s… basically the same chain. Bigger, beefier burgers than most fast food… but it still depends on whether you like fast food. I try to avoid but take a perverse pleasure in it when necessary.

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